ZNC irc bouncer with Adium (Mac OS X)

I’ve been using ZNC on one of my VPS’s for quite some time, connecting from XChat on Ubuntu GNOME desktop. I also have a Mac, so decided to also use that to connect to IRC. Since there is no XChat client for Mac, I tried Pidgin, they don’t have a Mac client either, but there is a client based on their libpurple called Adium.

Add a new account by clicking Preferences under Aduim on the top menubar. Go to Accounts and click the plus sign. Select IRC.

Add IRC account

Enter your NicknameServer (ip or hostname of the machine running ZNC), and enter your ZNC username and password in the Server password in the following format username:password. If ZNC is running on another port than 6667 go to the  Options tab and enter the correct port.

Adding account

You should now be able to connect successfully to your ZNC bouncer through Adium.

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  1. This does not seem to work anymore. Do you have any suggestions for getting it working again? I really want to keep using adium but if it does not work with a bouncer, it will not make sense.

      • It will not properly authenticate. I can authenticate with irssi or any other irc client but adium just says “server closed connection”

          • Worked for me here, Adium 1.5.10 and ZNC 1.4

            I will see about upgrading ZNC tonight and trying again. I am also set up via an ssh tunnel now, so connecting from the “local” network and not directly through the internet

          • Right now i’m connected through an ssh tunnel to a machine on my home network, then using that as a proxy for Adium and connecting to ZNC on a local IP address.

            Since I’m connected through the ssh tunnel I did not set it up with SSL – I’ll see if I can test that too later

          • I have tried ssl, non ssl, ip on port 5001. Adium works with bitlbee on the same server on port 6667. irssi works with znc on the port 5001. Adium logs in then it acts like it immediately gets kicked.

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