WPA on your WLAN

Ok time to get you connected to that WPA secured wlan

Step one:

Get the wpasupplicant package from the repo if it’s not already installed:
sudo apt-get install wpasupplicant

Step two:

Create a file named wpa.conf or something (doesn’t matter what you call it really)
Paste this into the file:


Replace myssid with the name of the access point and mysecret with the key. If you got the hex key and not a string, insert the hex key without the “”.

Step three:

Now, assuming your wlan drivers are running, and not connected to an access point, all you got to do is enter this is a terminal:

sudo wpa_supplicant -Dwext -iwlan0 -c/pathtofile/wpa.conf -dd

This should connect your device to the WPA secured wireless network.

You can also add that line to a file, save the file. (Mine’s called wpaschool cause i use WPA at school)
Then in terminal:

chmod 755 wpaschool (or whatever the name of your file is)

Now you can just enter:

(name of file instead of wpaschool)

and that will do excacly the same thing.

Happy hunting…

PS. It might take a while to connect, so give it a min if it doesn’t give you access to the web right away.

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