First step:
Make sure you have Ndiswrapper installed.
If you don’t, open a terminal and enter:

sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper-common ndiswrapper-utils-1.9

That should take care of getting ndiswrapper.

Step two:

Get the drivers.
Go to http://www.fujitsu-siemens.com,
then “Download Drivers“,
find the Amilo la 1703,
then go to Wlan.

Get the Windows XP drivers
Downloaded the drivers, and unzip them to where ever you want.

Step three:

Open a terminal and enter:

cd /path/to/unpacked/drivers/
sudo ndiswrapper -i sis163u.inf
sudo ndiswrapper -l

If that last command returns:
sis163u : driver installed
device (0BF8:100F) present

then you got everything set up ok and you can skip the next part.
If you get a message saying:
sis163u : driver installed

then you got the driver set up, but it doesn’t know where your wlan card is located.
If that is the case, you gotta find out what the address to your hardware is.
On my notebook this was:

sudo ndiswrapper -d 1106:4336 sis163u

Please leave a comment if 1106:4336 doesn’t fit your computer, as i don’t have another one to measure against.

Step four:

Load the drivers into the system by entering into the terminal:

sudo modprobe ndiswrapper

Now your wlan card should be up and running.
To check that it is, in the terminal type:

sudo iwconfig

if you see wlan0 listed there, you should be up and running.

Now all you need to do it open up the network manager from the menu:
Then click wlan0 in the list and click the properties button, and set the accesspoint/wepkey details.

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