Virtualbox with Atheros AR9285 as network adapter

Today I once again desided to try a few Linux distributions, mostly to use as a testing server.

The VirtualBox setup screen
I landed on VirtualBox as ny virtualization solution, and got down to it. Installation went great, and I got everything running. I set up the network solution as a bridged connection with the wireless network card on the host as the connection point with my hom erouter.

Now, everything works jolly for a variable amount of minutes, and the wireless card in Windows7 starts searching for my SSID. If I’m lucky it connects again, and everything works for a few minutes, then the same procedure again. And if I’m not lucky, I end up with a “spinning” connection, constantly connected but not connected.

I can’t really wrap my head around what’s causing this, cause in my mind the wireless should have stopped working imidiately, and not after a couple of minutes?

Now, this is when I’m using it as a bridged connection. So I tried to switch it over to NAT… And now it worked for 30 minutes without a single hickup… The conclution is, I guess, that in the end I myself is the only one to blame. NAT was the default option, and I just had to go and change it…

But still, it doesn’t work with a bridged connection. That’s something that’s still a grudge in my book!

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