OpenVPN with Ubuntu Server 14.04

21/05/2016 0

Install OpenVPN and Easy-RSA

Unzip the example file at /usr/share/doc/openvpn/examples/sample-config-files/server.conf.gz and place it in /etc/openvpn/ Edit the server config file, replace the line dh Read More

Converting MySQL from latin1 to utf8

10/05/2016 0

Edit /etc/mysql /my.cnf Under [client] add

Under [mysqld] add

Dump you database to a file

Then edit your dump file and change every CHARSET=latin1 Read More

Norwegian Macbook Air keyboard with Ubuntu

08/02/2016 0

To use the shift+4 combination to get a dollar-sign on a Macbook Air with a Norwegian keyboard, enter the following in a terminal:

To use Read More

Dumping tcp data from command line to Wireshark

17/08/2014 0

To dump network traffic from command line in a Wireshark readable format use the following command:


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