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I just got some new speakers for my tv. In truth I’ve got three things I want to connect to those speakers. I’ve got my SetTopBox, my PS3, and my computer (for music). The STB and PS3 were easy. They’re right beside the sound-bar, and I’ve got the cables and all. My problem was connecting the computer. The only inputs on the speakers were one COAX and two TOSLINK.

I was thinking about ordering a USB soundcard with an optical out, since my computer only has a jack out. Then I figured I’ll google it a bit. There had to be a way to stream Spotify to PS3mediaserver. I couldn’t have been the only one with this issue, and of course I wasn’t. So, here’s my own guide to how I set this up, the recipe is collected from several blogs, but this guide should work with the latest version of PS3mediaserver.

Here’s what you need to get started:

I’m expecting that you already know how to use both Spotify and PS3mediaserver, and of course both the computer and the PS3 is connected to your network.

The first thing you need to do is get DSBridge.  You need to extract the file and get the files dsbridge.ini and dsound.dll, and put those files in your Spotify folder. (Mine is located at C:\Users\njalk\AppData\Roaming\Spotify)

When you’re done with that, you need to fetch the LAME encoder DLL from (get the ZIP file), and copy lame_enc.dll to your Spotify directory aswell.

Now, you need to open your PS3mediaserver folder, and copy the file WEB.conf to your desktop. Open the file, and add the following line directly under # audio streams:

At least in my case, when I didn’t enter that line directly under # audio streams, streaming didn’t work.

Now, copy the WEB.conf file to the PMS profile directory (I found mine at C:\ProgramData\PMS).

Restart Spotify and PS3mediaserver.

After the restart, go to the Music tab on your PS3, and open PS3mediaserver. There should be a new folder there called Web. Click it and you should see the Spotify logo, click the logo and the song you’re playing on your computer should be playing out of whatever you’ve connected your PS3 to.


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  1. Thank you for this simple to follow guide. BTW you could add that the spotify icon may be shown as a grey box with ? in it saying “unsupportet information/data” and with pop up that the file format isn’t supported (my ps3 is in finnish so the text may differ in english as that quick translation.) But it is just false and works great dispite the pop up. I got the “error” while spotify was paused.

    • Do you have any idea why you get these errors? I don’t get any errors while pausing Spotify. Did you get it at once or after a while? Any chance you could send me a picture of the error so I could post it here? If so you can email the pic to mail (at)

  2. Works great! Thanks!. It did require one small change though.

    Change this: audiostream.Web,Radios=…
    To this: audiostream.Web,Radio=…

    (Should be Radio, not Radios.)

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