Siemens washer with F-18 error

So, I have this washingmachine from Siemens. It’s been going steadily for a few years, working as if should, washing all my clothes. Then suddenly I hear it make a totally new sound I’ve never heard before. I rush out to the machine, and the display says F-18. I’m stading there, staring at my big, clumpy, washing-companion, trying to make sense of the situation.

The first thing that springs to mind is of course to check the manual. But where do you place manuals for these monstermachines? I for one have a habit of placing them someplace clever, then forget about them and never find them again. After a while I give up, and being who I am, the next step in any quest if to google it. Appearently, Siemens washing machine error messages isn’t the most commonly commented piece of information on the internet. Finally I find an old forum post from 2008, saying this message means a blockage of the pumping mechanism. I loosen the panel and twist out the plug, the washer appearently still full of water… The water floods out on the floor, but I manage to plug the drain again. I prepare myself to try again with towels all over the floor. Once more I pull the plug out and the water is flowing like a waterfall. After 5 towels the water finally stops.

I check the fan-thingy inside where the water was comming, only to find nothing. NOTHING! There’s nothing blocking the pumping mechanism… What to do? Well, I think, lets try it again! I run the program once more, everything running fine, untill there’s one minute left on the counter. The same odd sound I heard the last time I ran it. “Beep Beep Beep”, and F-18.

Once more I drain the pump, spending another 5 towels, witch are now starting to pile up in the shower. The water stops flowing, and now the closet is empty and I have no more dry towels. Once again I try to run it. It works! Everything went fine and the program ended with the regular “Beep Beep”.

A few days later, thinking nothing more of it for the past days, I hear the dreaded “Beep Beep Beep” again! Now I’m getting angry, running into the bathroom, ripping out the drain plug and draining the machine! And then it works again…

It’s now been running fine for a few days, but this time, I can’t forget it. Everytime the machine starts to run, I sit in front of it, just waiting for the beeps, having to fill the bathroom floor with towels, dreading the next time I have to get all wet and angry cause I can’t figure out what generates the error. Bottom line is, I’m starting to hate washingmachines…

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