Samba – Ubuntu 12.10

To share files between all my devices on my network easiest way seems to be to go with Samba.

To set up Samba I’ve installed the following:

sudo apt-get install samba system-config-samba

This would install all the applications I need to set up sharing (I could do without the GUI to set up shares, but it makes everything a little easier, I’ll write an update on how to get it to work with config files later).

After install run:

This will set a Samba password for the user, enable the Samba user and reload Samba with the new user.

Now run

This will bring up a window to set up shares. Set up your shares and you are ready to connect from Nautilus or whatever you are using as a file commander.


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  1. I would also recommend NFS running in parallel for streaming media to applications like Kodi. There are performance benefits that are especially noticeable if you use a first generation Raspberry Pi.

    For more details:

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