Pimping up the terminal login-message Linux

The login-message gets kinda boring after a while, here’s my current message:

Boring I know…

So, let’s pimp it up a bit shall we?

Start by opening a terminal and changing your directory to /etc/


If you list out the files in that directory with ls, you will see there are numbered files with a descriptive text next to them. The number indicates which order the scripts are executed. You could easily make your own numbered script in between the ones that already exist. I’m modifying nr 99 because it fits where I want the text.

Now, nano is a text editor which lets you alter the file.

Go down to the space after all the lines beginning with #.

Here you could enter your own scripts to execute at startup.

In this example I will be using figlet, you can install figlet by running

Alter the file we opened in nano and add the following

Save the file with ctrl+x.

If you now login with ssh you will get the followin message

Login with figlet

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