New Launcher with Ubuntu Gnome 13.10

So I was gonna try to play some World of Warcraft again, and realized Blizzard has come out with a new launcher for it’s games. I tried downloading the launcher and running it with Wine. The launcher showed up only to be closed again a few seconds after, creating a crash-report for Blizzard which didn’t tell me anything.

After googling a bit I found a forumpost on the US Diablo 3 Forums with a workaround.

Open Wine Config with the command:

Go to the Libraries tab and enter the following in the field for New override for library

and press the Add button.


Wine Config Libraries tab
Wine Config Libraries tab

Afterwards, press the Edit button, and select Disabled.

winecfg disable

Tried running the launcher again and now it works fine, only problem is it won’t load dynamic content (news etc.)

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