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Today I stumbled upon this service where you can rent a Mac in the cloud (

The service is supposed to let you rent a Mac, which you in turn connect to via RDP. Since I’ve never owned a Mac I figured it would be nice to try. They offer different subscription plans, daily/weekly/monthly rent or as I went for, a pay-as-you-go subscription. That means, I had to pay up for credits in advance, which diminish while I use the Mac.

After paying I received an email with a .zip file packed with RDP connections, and a username and password.

My internet connection should be able to handle the connection just fine according to the tests they made me take, so I went for the “high bandwidth” version. After waiting about 10 seconds for the login-screen to load, I finally got to enter my username and password.

Login view Macincloud

Now, initializing the session took forever.

After waiting for a while for the login to finish up, I get a desktop with an iPhone emulator loaded. I figured I’d load up Xcode to see how fast this thing was, hoping it was just a hiccup while logging in. Boy was I mistaken. Everything took forever.

I though hey, maybe my connection isn’t sufficient after all, let’s try the “medium bandwidth” version. Same procedure, same sluggishness.

OK, let’s try the “very slow bandwidth” connection file. Now the colors are all messed up AND the connection is sluggish.

So I’m wondering, are there anyone else who have tried who can share their experience? Is it just as bad everywhere else?

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  1. Hi njalk,

    It seems that you have some technical difficulties using our service. You might not aware of this but we have a Knowledge Base article which helps you troubleshoot the “sluggishness” you mentioned. Please see this article at:

    As we described in our welcome email, our tech support is always available to answer your questions and help you troubleshoot and resolve issues. Please follow up with us using our free technical support and we will be glad to assist you.

    Thank you. Tech Support

    • Hi there Tech Support, and thank you very much.

      I read the article already, and my internet connection and latency to the UK is way better than your minimum requirements.

  2. I’ve tried a few cloud mac services and the best experience I’ve had is with From what I understand they use higher grade Mac Pro’s and Xserves for their service. It might be worth a try. It’s less expensive then some of the other options too.

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