Iphone 4 phantom network traffic

Iphone 4 Usage
Does anyone have experience with the iPhone 4 usage statistics? What I’m thinking of specificly is the 3g/gprs usage. Does it show the correct amount of network usage compared to what is actually the case? I saw this article today that Windows Phone has a problem where it’s sending out phantom data witch the user really doesn’t use, but it shows up on the users phonebill none the less.

Anyone have a good way to monitor iPhone 4 network usage or have any experience with it showing up wrong?


Update 15.01.2011

I got the specified phonebill from my network operator and analyzed it. Everything seems right, except for this one line in log wich says i used 44mb of network traffic 23:45 one evening. The past month I’m pretty sure I’ve always been home at this hour, and while I’m at home I’m always connected to my wifi network.

So the next question is, does the iPhone4 disconnect you from the wifi network when you lock the screen?


New Update 15.01.2011

After a bit of testing, it seems that my iPhone stays connected to the wifinetwork while it’s connected to a power source (that be a computer or a wall socket), but while it’s disconnected it turns wifi off when it enters standby mode.

What about if I already put something on download and turn the screen off? Would it then shut down the wifi before it’s finished and use the 3G network to finish the download?


Another update 15.01.2011

I emailed myself on my gmail account witch I had set up on the iPhone, and the mail didn’t seem to arrive at once when I had the phone in standby with 3G deactivated.

My wife posted somthing to my facebook wall though, and that popped up right away. So, it would seem that it is after all connected, although it didn’t show up in the list of DHCP clients on my router. I guess my questions need a bit more research before they can be answered

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