Installing Google Play apps on the Kurio

I bought all my kids a Kurio for Christmas last year, and I found the Kurioshop really lacking the apps my kids wanted.


What you need

  • A Kurio
  • A rooted Android device
  • USB cable

First of all you need to install the app Shark AppManager on you rooted device. This will enable you to copy the packages of the apps you download on your rooted device so you can transfer them to your Kurio to install them. Open Shark AppManager and select the tab APPS in the top menu. Find the app you want to copy (if you haven’t downloaded it yett you need to first download the app you want to copy from Google Play). Press and hold the app and you will get a menu where you select Backup. There will be made a *.apk file which will be put in the directory /backup/AppManagerProMax on your device.

Personally I like just copying the .apk file to my dropbox account, but you can also transfer it via USB to your computer.

Now you need to get the Kurio ready. First, if you haven’t done this already, go into Parenting mode and enable transfering of files over USB. Then go to Android mode.

When connecting your USB-cable you will get an option to enable viewing files on the computer. Do this and transfer the .apk file to the Kurio device.

When this is done, disconnect the USB-cable and enter the File Manager on the Kurion. Tap the .apk file and select Install. Once the installation is complete, go back into Kurio-mode and enter Parenting-mode once more.

You will now be able to add the app/game to the profile you wish.

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