Hello Kitty Porcelain set

This is the “Hello Kitty” Porcelain Set. This set is made and sold by Smoby. My daughter received this set for her 4th birthday, and has been playing a lot with it. It’s a nice set  with it’s 13 pieces, made of porcelain. There is a small downside though… It’s made out of porcelain. This would be nice if my whole apartment was covered with carpets, but it isn’t. So, within the first 24 hours, two of the pieces were already broken (nothing that couldn’t be fixed with super-glue though). Now, this isn’t why this set gives me a grudge. The reason lies within the design of this piece, the “Hello Kitty” tea-pot of the “Hello Kitty” Porcelain Set.

The teapot itself is a pretty neatly designed and a remarkably cute piece. The problem though, is situated at the top. They have designed the cap to be just a little bit too small not to fit into that hole, so every 15 minutes my daughter is playing with this, the cap keeps falling into the pot, making it stuck there. There is only one way the cap can fall into the pot, and only one way to get it out.

The first few times this happened, i thought of it as a puzzle, and found it rather amusing. After a few times though, it started to become a real annoyance, and after about 30 times, i can honestly say, i just want to break the damn thing to get it out.

So why have the designers at Smoby go for a solution like this? Well, i can only speculate. But being paranoid by nature, my best guess is that this is a cynical marketing trick to get kids to break the pot to get it out, then cry to their parents till they buy them a new one.

I’m guessing for me, the ultimate solution to this problem will be that one evening, while the house is all quiet and everyone is asleep, the “Hello Kitty” Grinch will visit us and the cap will have just “disappeared”.

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