Fixing GRUB with boot-repair

So this other day I decided it was time to install Windows cause I had the need for some tools not running greatly under Wine, and with my SSD, dualbooting is a whole less hassle than it used to be. No more waiting 5 minutes  for booting. After reading up on how to make this work, as Windows will for sure erase grub from the MBR (master boot record), it seemed pretty easy to get grub installed the right way again. So I installed Windows 7, took about an hour, then decided I would try to reinstall grub. I plugged in my live-USB and followed these simple steps:

This launched boot-repair which looks like this:


At first I tried the Recommended repair, but my setup is kinda awkward, I have one SSD disk with Ubuntu and Windows 7 on them, and one HDD for data, one ext2 partition and one NTFS partition.

So the Recommended repair didn’t work, so I clicked the Advanced options.


Here I just checked off the Place GRUB into option to sda (my SSD), and everything installed correctly. I rebooted, and now it all works as intended again.

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