External hard-drive crash

So, what do you do with a 1TB external hard-drive when it suddenly doesn’t run anymore?

Well first, you crack it open

Crack it open

Next, screw off that circuit board connected to the HDD.

Circuit board

This should expose the SATA connectors to on the HDD and make it ready for connection to a computer. On my desktop computer I only had one SATA cable, so I had to disconnect the HDD I’m usually using. That means no operating system, and the computer won’t start. The solution was to burn an Ubuntu Live CD, and boot the computer with that.

Disk connected

Now, since there’s no harddrive in the computer to copy the files I’m extracting, I have to find some other place to put them. I could have used another external HDD or a memory stick, but I have no HDD on hand and no sticks big enough for what I was copying. So luckily, I have a fileserver that I could hook up to, and I transfered what I needed there.

Ubuntu copying


So, that you Ubuntu =)

The cat says hi aswell

The cat wondering what's going on

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