Cyanogen 9 mod on Galaxy Tab 10.1 (GSM)

Today I started doing something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, getting ICS (Android Ice Cream Sandwich) on my Galaxy Tab. I’ve been really looking forward to getting this from Samsung, but I’ve been waiting and waiting, so now I got tired and decided to try with a non-original ROM.

I’ve been reluctant to do this in fear of breaking the device, but now I got to test it on a Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone and the setup wasn’t really that hard. In fact, it all went really smooth. Not so with the Tab.

First of all, the basics. To do this upgrade you need the following:

  1. A Galaxy Tab 10.1 with 3g (have not tried it on a Wifi only, but with some modifications these instructions should work)
  2. A Windows computer
  3. ODIN 3
  4. Recovery Mod files
  5. Cyanogen 9 Mod files
  6. gapps files
  7. patience

First of all you need to flash a new recovery mod onto the device. On the Samsung Galaxy S I just followed the Cyanogen wiki, and everything went without a single hickup. Now on the Tab, there was a different story. The files I used there didn’t recognize my device, so instead of heimdall suite  witch is what the Cyanogen official page told me to do, I had to use ODIN 3. After trying a few different USB ports my device finally got detected, and I was good to go to upload the recovery ROM.

(Picture without device recognized, couldn’t get it to recognize it while taking the screenshot and couldn’t bother using any more time on it.)

For Recovery ROM I used TeamWin Recovery Project, but ClockWork Recovery should work just the same.

The Cyanogen Mod version you need for the GSM tab is the P4 version. You can see from the image that I’ve uploaded both the p4 and the p4tmo version. The clean p4 version is the one that worked.

Get the p4 version here:

In addition to the mod itself you need to get the gapps package to get the Play store and other features.

The first time around I installed Cyanogen this way, it didn’t work. I got to the boot screen, and it just spun for about an hour and a half. Then I tried installing again, deleting all caches, it started ut in about a minute.


So while it took me a while to do this, the Galaxy is so much faster and more snappy, I’m never gonna go back to the stock FW after trying this.


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