A comment on Clive Thompson – Secret Messages

In “The Underwolrd Issue” of Wired, Clive Thompson has an article called Secret Messages. The article describes how highschool students mask they status updates with language their parent generation fail to understand the deeper meaning of. The article says, among other things, that youth uses lyrics that their parents wouldn’t interpret to inform their close friends about what’s going on in their life. The other thing some teenagers have been found doing is deactivating their Facebook account every time they logged off and activated it when they logged back inn.

Now, what I’m wondering is, have these teenagers heard of friend lists? Friends lists are list that tell who gets to see what updates you make in the different sections of Facebook. For instance you can make only a selected few see you pictures. You can also choose who gets to see the specific status update you are writing right now.

The article refers to the Latin American social network Sonico, witch lets you sort your friends into workmates, family and friends.

Well, that’s what Facebook lets you do today, and it’s simple!

So, to Mr. Clive Thompson, you should really check out the options we already have today before screaming for innovation.

On a second note, thanks for a nice article.

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