Google Authenticator Ubuntu ssh

This guide will enable Google Authenticator verification when logging in to ssh from a remote location. First install libpam-google-authenticator

Answer the questions posed during installation. If you are not asked any questions while installing, run google-authenticatorSave the emergency scratch codes somewhere safe, they will be your way back if you loose your phone. Open your Google Authenticator app. Use the Menu key and select Set up account. Use the Scan a barcode feature and scan the barcode in your terminal. Next do

Add the following

Edit your sshd_config

Find and uncomment/add the following line

Create a file in /etc/security called access-local.conf

Add this:

Restart ssh

You should now be asked for verification when you login from a remote site but not from your local network

New Launcher with Ubuntu Gnome 13.10

So I was gonna try to play some World of Warcraft again, and realized Blizzard has come out with a new launcher for it’s games. I tried downloading the launcher and running it with Wine. The launcher showed up only to be closed again a few seconds after, creating a crash-report for Blizzard which didn’t tell me anything.

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Conky Manager

If you are like me you find conky really neat but never really bother to set it up so it looks sexy. Well, now there’s a tool for that. conky-manager.Conky

Conky Manager has several nice-looking themes already installed, so all you have to do is enable them.

To install Conky Manager on Ubuntu, add the ppa with the following commands:

Now run conky-manager and start browsing.

Resizing a VirtualBox image

Today I wanted to expand the hard drive of my VBox Windows 7 install. There is no GUI setting for this so with the terminal I used the following command:


This resized the image from it’s original 25Gb to ~40Gb.

Afterwards you have to resize the disk within the guest operating system (in my case Windows 7, Control Panel -> System and Security -> Create and format hard disk partitions)