Disabling Plesk daily maintenance e-mails

I have this Windows Server 2008 VPS with Plesk installed for management, and it keeps sending me e-mails everyday after it has completed it’s daily maintenance.

The e-mail usually looks like this:

User: XXXXXXX\Plesk Administrator

Running task: C:\Parallels\Plesk\admin\bin\php.exe -q -dauto_prepend_file=”” -c php.ini “C:\Parallels\Plesk\admin\plib\DailyMaintainance\script.php”

Started: Mon Jan 03 02:43:00 2011

Ended successfully: Mon Jan 03 02:43:02 2011

Now, I really didn’t feel the need to get this every day, the only reason I have the VPS is for testing purposes, and so I finally (after about 3 months), got my head around to figuring out how to disable it.

What you need to do is to go to Home -> Scheduled tasks. Click the task you don’t want emails from any more, in my case it was called Daily maintenance. On the next screen, in the box labeled so obviously E-mail notification, select Do not send.

That’s it, you won’t be getting those annoying e-mails anymore.