ZNC irc bouncer with Adium (Mac OS X)

I’ve been using ZNC on one of my VPS’s for quite some time, connecting from XChat on Ubuntu GNOME desktop. I also have a Mac, so decided to also use that to connect to IRC. Since there is no XChat client for Mac, I tried Pidgin, they don’t have a Mac client either, but there is a client based on their libpurple called Adium.

Add a new account by clicking Preferences under Aduim on the top menubar. Go to Accounts and click the plus sign. Select IRC.

Add IRC account

Enter your NicknameServer (ip or hostname of the machine running ZNC), and enter your ZNC username and password in the Server password in the following format username:password. If ZNC is running on another port than 6667 go to the  Options tab and enter the correct port.

Adding account

You should now be able to connect successfully to your ZNC bouncer through Adium.


Today I stumbled upon this service where you can rent a Mac in the cloud (macincloud.com).

The service is supposed to let you rent a Mac, which you in turn connect to via RDP. Since I’ve never owned a Mac I figured it would be nice to try. They offer different subscription plans, daily/weekly/monthly rent or as I went for, a pay-as-you-go subscription. That means, I had to pay up for credits in advance, which diminish while I use the Mac.

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