Today I stumbled upon this service where you can rent a Mac in the cloud (

The service is supposed to let you rent a Mac, which you in turn connect to via RDP. Since I’ve never owned a Mac I figured it would be nice to try. They offer different subscription plans, daily/weekly/monthly rent or as I went for, a pay-as-you-go subscription. That means, I had to pay up for credits in advance, which diminish while I use the Mac.

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How to disable the “Home” button on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad)

Every wanted to let your kids play with an app on your iOS device, but you are afraid they’d go play with something else on your iPhone/iPad? Or did you ever want to use your device as a remote control while having a party but you don’t want people snooping around your personal stuff?

Achieving this is pretty straight forward, although a little clumsy.

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iOS 5 trick

Proper notifications are something I always missed when going from an Android phone to the iPhone. After a while Apple got their heads together and got us a drop down menu and some nice-looking notifications on the lock-screen.

There’s a nifty trick to go straight to the application that sent the notification, like you see on the image, you can drag the Facebook-logo to open up the lock-screen and get into the Facebook app to see what the notification was all about.


This works exactly the same way as the Slide to unlock bar, but it lets you choose which notification to view.

“Secret” iPhone info in iTunes

The iTunes iPhone info page

I’m not one to pay much attention to iTunes or anything in it, but a few days ago I sat around waiting for a sync to complete and, being mildy superstitious about computers working faster if I click around randomly with my mouse, i started clicking. Suddenly the information changed. I noticed when I pressed either Software Version:, Serial Number: or Phone Number: changed.

Software Version: turned into Build Version:, Serial Number: turned into Identifier (UDID):, and Phone Number: turned into IMEI:.

iTunes lockout

A while back I added a whole bunch of songs (mp3) through iTunes to my iPhone 4. So, a few months later I buy a new computer, and now I have a new library (didn’t transfer the old files as I already had them on my phone) of songs that I’d like to add. So I think nothing of it, and start up iTunes to add my new songs to my iPhone.

That’s where my problems begin. Being used to the open world of Android and Linux, my mind didn’t even comprehend there would every be some sort of software that would have me erase all my previous music to be able to add new music just because I installed the software on another computer. But that’s what iTunes does for you. Either get rid of all your old music, or we won’t let you add any more…

I’m sitting there, scratching my head, trying to figure out what kind of evil genius would come up with such a plan, trying to find a purpose for such infinite mischief. No reason comes to mind…