Live Messenger 2011 error

So, I use MSN Live Messenger a lot at work, and everything works ok there. I also use MSN Live Messenger 2011 on my laptop at home. A few months ago I got a new laptop and and installed Live Messenger on it. Everything worked just the way it was supposed to. Then suddenly, I started getting the error like the one in the picture below. Error code: 80040154

The weird thing is, it doesn’t seem to try to connect at all. It just shows the errormessage the second I press the login button. So, I pressed the “More information” link, witch led me to this site:

This site tells me that I need to register msxml3.dll again. So, I follow the steps, and it says the file is registered and everything should be fine.

Well, same error again. So, I try uninstalling/installing the whole Live Essentials package, same error. I’ve searched around the internett trying to find other people with the same problem, but I can’t seem to find anyone who has it.

Now, after a bit of research, trying to remeber what I myself did around the time this time, and the only think I can think about must be that I changed the time-zone on the laptop. I had changed the clock, but not the timezone. So the clock on my iPhone changed like 6 hours back and Google Calendar entries in Outlook popped ut at wrong times. After I figured out this was related to wrong timezone, I changed the timezone. This must have been around the same time as my Messenger problems started.

The problem is, I can’t remember witch timezone used to be set before, so I can’t confirm that this is the source of the problem. As a workaround I’ve just started using Pidgin instead… But, would be nice if someone had a solution/could at least confirm that this was the problem.