New Launcher with Ubuntu Gnome 13.10

So I was gonna try to play some World of Warcraft again, and realized Blizzard has come out with a new launcher for it’s games. I tried downloading the launcher and running it with Wine. The launcher showed up only to be closed again a few seconds after, creating a crash-report for Blizzard which didn’t tell me anything.

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Angry Birds

Evil little piggies stole the cute litte birdies eggs… Now birds be aaaangry! Angry birds is the number one game in the app store, and WARNING, this game is HIGHLY addictive. Get ready for 180 levels of fun!

If you like puzzle games, Angry Birds is the game for you. The purpose of the game is to shoot birds with a slingshot at the green little piggies who have stolen all our eggs. There are 6 different types of birds we play during the game. First the little red ones that chew through both ice and wood nicely. Then we get the blue birds, witch split into three when you tap the screen. These birds easily melts through the icewalls the pigs have put up.

There’s also a boomerang bird (not my personal favourite, I like the little blue splittingbird the most, those evil piggzies need to be carpetbombed), a timed bomb bird, a bomber bird, and last but not least, big brother bird (same as the red one only bigger, angrier, and waaaaaaaaay more destructive).

To sum up, this game will give you hours upon hours of fun, and it’s definately worth the $0,99 it costs. Take a look at the video below, or visit the developers website here.

LED Light for iPhone 4

If you ever had the need for a flashlight but all you could find was your iPhone 4, LED Light by Jason Ting will be your savior! The app activates the camera’s LED flash for the purpose of turning your iPhone 4 into a very bright flashlight. The UI consist of 3 buttons. The big button in the middle is for turning on and off the light, when it glows blue, the light is on, when it doesn’t glow it’s off, simple.

Now if you feel like getting an eplectic ceasure, this app also has the posibility to turn the flash into an adjustable strobe light. To activate it, you press the bottom button with the lightning icon, so the button is glowing blue. You then get an adjusting bar at the bottom where you can adjust the speed of the strobelight.

There’s a settings panel if you click the upper right “gear”-icon. Here you can set a few settings, where the most intriguing one is the SOS-mode. Imagining being stranded on a deserted island, with an iPhone 4 with this app makes that tought a whole lot easier to bear.

Conclusion: Great app for what it’s for, with a few extra bonuses thrown in.

Visit the official app site here

LED Light for iPhone 4