Editing hosts file on Windows 7

By default, you’re not allowed to edit the hosts file (c:\windows\system32\etc\drivers\hosts) on Windows 7. It will give you an error message telling you you are not permitted to perform this action when you try to save the file after making changes. To make changes, click the startmenu, search for notepad (or notepad++ as I’m using here), and select Run as administrator. This will give you the permissions you need to save the file.


Run as administrator

Shutdown/reboot on a remote desktop

So, you need to reboot your remote desktop computer from work or some other place, and all that startmenu’s got for you is a damn Logout button. What do you do?

Well it’s actually quite simple.

Open up cmd.exe from the startmenu or via the run command.

Use the following commands to reboot or shut down:

  • Shutdown: “shutdown -f”
  • Reboot: “shutdown -r -f”

Virtualbox with Atheros AR9285 as network adapter

Today I once again desided to try a few Linux distributions, mostly to use as a testing server.

The VirtualBox setup screen
I landed on VirtualBox as ny virtualization solution, and got down to it. Installation went great, and I got everything running. I set up the network solution as a bridged connection with the wireless network card on the host as the connection point with my hom erouter.

Now, everything works jolly for a variable amount of minutes, and the wireless card in Windows7 starts searching for my SSID. If I’m lucky it connects again, and everything works for a few minutes, then the same procedure again. And if I’m not lucky, I end up with a “spinning” connection, constantly connected but not connected.

I can’t really wrap my head around what’s causing this, cause in my mind the wireless should have stopped working imidiately, and not after a couple of minutes?

Now, this is when I’m using it as a bridged connection. So I tried to switch it over to NAT… And now it worked for 30 minutes without a single hickup… The conclution is, I guess, that in the end I myself is the only one to blame. NAT was the default option, and I just had to go and change it…

But still, it doesn’t work with a bridged connection. That’s something that’s still a grudge in my book!