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Awesome little PuTTY Tray

The other day I was using PuTTY and I was thinking: “Hey, why isn’t it possible to set the transparency on this thing?” That made me google around a bit and I found this gem PuTTY Tray.

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Spotify on PS3mediaserver

I just got some new speakers for my tv. In truth I’ve got three things I want to connect to those speakers. I’ve got my SetTopBox, my PS3, and my computer (for music). The STB and PS3 were easy. They’re right beside the sound-bar, and I’ve got the cables and all. My problem was connecting the computer. The only inputs on the speakers were one COAX and two TOSLINK.

I was thinking about ordering a USB soundcard with an optical out, since my computer only has a jack out. Then I figured I’ll google it a bit. There had to be a way to stream Spotify to PS3mediaserver. I couldn’t have been the only one with this issue, and of course I wasn’t. So, here’s my own guide to how I set this up, the recipe is collected from several blogs, but this guide should work with the latest version of PS3mediaserver.

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Editing hosts file on Windows 7

By default, you’re not allowed to edit the hosts file (c:\windows\system32\etc\drivers\hosts) on Windows 7. It will give you an error message telling you you are not permitted to…

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Shutdown/reboot on a remote desktop

So, you need to reboot your remote desktop computer from work or some other place, and all that startmenu’s got for you is a damn Logout button. What do…

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Remote desktop fullscreen

Ever been on a remote desktop session that suddenly gets windowed? To get it back to full screen, use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Break

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