Flash rounded corners

Did you ever try to make rounded corners in Adobe Flash? Did they ever look like a truck hit them? If they do, you probobly didn’t add hinting.

  • Select the Rectangle tool
  • Select the Properties tab
  • Find the checkbox named Hinting and check it
  • Try making a rectangle with rounded corners by setting the Rectangle options below, your corners should now look perfect!

    w3schools & HTML5

    I’ve been following the development of HTML5, even though it’s been a while since I really checked it out for myself. Today I was thinking maybe I should get a little bit more updated going to the place I usually visit for HTML questions, notably w3schools.

    I head over to the HTML5 section of the site, and start flicking through the different tags, then what hits me in the face? this line:

    The Tag. Not Supported in HTML5.

    Now what’s the point of having a while section of the site dedicated to HTML5, only to specify what’s not supported?

    Just thinking…

    WordPress php sql running twice

    Wordpress logoI was making this small feature in php where I want a script to collect links. What I want to do is have a text input box and a submit button. When you hit submin, the link gets added to a database and all the links in the database gets loaded on the same page as the form.

    I’m using the plugin Exec-PHP to run a php file as an include on a page. When I run the included file as standalone, without it being integrated in a WordPress page, the script runs fine and does exactly what I want it to do. All that is performed is a simple SELECT statement to extract all the links from the database and show them. When the user press submit, the script checks that the text in the input box is an URL, and adds it to the database with an INSERT statement.

    This is where I’ve run into problems. When run as standalone it all works fine, but when I run it inside WordPress it runs the INSERT statement twice. The SELECT statements are only run once though.

    For a live demonstration take a look at links inside WordPress and standalone outside WordPress

    Is there a reason for this? I was thinking anyway to write this as a plugin to WordPress instead as I’m guessing there are various hooks in WordPress that makes it run twice. We’ll see if that solves the problem.



    I thought maybe using WordPress‘s builtin database functions would help me solve the problem, but still the INSERT queries keep being run twice. I came up with a dirty hack, checking if the link was already in the database before I inserted it, wich I was going to implement either way so there is no double posted links. But that deprived me of the ability to give the user feedback on the link being added, or the link existing already in the database. So, I have to come up with another solution to this problem to make it work correctly like I want it to.

    Google Analytics for Flash

    Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for measuring the useage of your website, what parts people visit, what they like and what they don’t like. How long did my readers spend on one article vs the other etc etc… For GA (Google Analytics) to work, you have to add a piece of javascript to every page on your site (easily done with plugins for WordPress/Drupal/Joomla etc).

    Now, what if you want to use GA to track usage of a flash based site, gaforflash, released under Apache License 2.0, will do just what you need it to do.

    I will get back to you with a more detailed guide on how to implement it into your flashbased website when i get the time, but for now, have a look at: