TEMPer on Ubuntu 11.04

A few months ago i installed a home server from an old laptop, with an external hard-drive hooked up to it. I use it as a remote desktop, and I run Ubuntu 11.04 Server virtually with Virtualbox.

These are situated in a small closet in my living room.

"Server" closetI was thinking since this is a closet with a closed door, it might get hot in there.

I googled around a bit for solutions, and I found this http://www.dealextreme.com/p/usb-digital-thermometer-dongle-software-displays-temperature-7003

So I thought, $8.8, free shipping, what the hell, I’m ordering it.

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Facebook & philosophy

Seriously Facebook, you make me enter a menuitem named philosophy, and all you let me fill inn is my religion and my political views… What about me? I don’t care for religion nor politics, but I still have an angle to this world. Most of my choices are well-thought-through and carefully analyzed. Shouldn’t I be allowed to share my thoughts with you where other people share their faith in God or some other divine entity.

What about my thoughts and feelings? Well, I guess that’s what I have status updates for…


Tweetdeck makes managing your social networking in an really brilliant way. You manage your online social experience in columns. You can add different social networks like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Google Buzz and foursquare. I myself have only tried it with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but I’m sure it works just as well with the other ones.

It’s free, well designed, and absolutely worth a try. www.tweetdeck.com

But, there’s a grudge to this that makes me not able to use it the way I want. Facebook Pages! For me, it’s useless without it, as I have several Facebook pages to keep track of. So till you get that in order Tweetdeck, so long!