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Dumping tcp data from command line to Wireshark

To dump network traffic from command line in a Wireshark readable format use the following command:

Source: https://ask.wireshark.org/questions/19054/tcpdump-text-output-to-pcap  

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Script for setting volume on Raspberry Pi – command line

Found this neat script for setting the volume of the Raspberry Pi from the command line over at http://www.dronkert.net/rpi/vol.html

Add the following to the file

Save with…

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New Battle.net Launcher with Ubuntu Gnome 13.10

So I was gonna try to play some World of Warcraft again, and realized Blizzard has come out with a new launcher for it’s games. I tried downloading the launcher and running it with Wine. The launcher showed up only to be closed again a few seconds after, creating a crash-report for Blizzard which didn’t tell me anything.

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Creating menu-item manually Gnome Shell

To create a new menu-item for Gnome Shell open up a terminal.

Run the following commands:

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Conky Manager

If you are like me you find conky really neat but never really bother to set it up so it looks sexy. Well, now there’s a tool for that. conky-manager….

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