Installing Ubutnu 12.10

Once again I’ve made the choice to jump over to Ubuntu for my desktop. I’ve been running windows 7 and recently windows 8 for a few years now due to my laptop using Nvidia Optimus technology, which hasn’t been very cooperative with Linux. The computer I currently have as my main private computer is an ASUS n53sm, with an Intel i7, 16gb ram and a Nvidia GT630m 2gb gfx card. A pretty decent system for my use really.

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Java Updates

I’m just feeling the need to express myself regarding the way Oracle adds the Install the Ask Toolbar and make Ask my default search provider option into every update they release. Every single time (which has been quite often lately) I update Java, I get asked if I want to install the toolbar. I can’t imagine how many computers they have infected with this really unnecessary piece of software.

java update ask


Seriously Oracle, get a grip…