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Fixing GRUB with boot-repair

So this other day I decided it was time to install Windows cause I had the need for some tools not running greatly under Wine, and with my…

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Nvidia 319.12 on Ubuntu 13.04

I’ve been wanting to install the latest Nvidia driver on my laptop for a while. I need to set it up working with bumblebee as it is a…

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OS X Mountain Lion – Virtualbox – Ubuntu 13.04

Today I decided to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’m a GNU/Linux user at heart, so why do I want to install OS…

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Samba – Ubuntu 12.10

To share files between all my devices on my network easiest way seems to be to go with Samba. To set up Samba I’ve installed the following: sudo…

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Pimping up the terminal login-message Linux

The login-message gets kinda boring after a while, here’s my current message:

Boring I know… So, let’s pimp it up a bit shall we? Start…

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