“Secret” iPhone info in iTunes

The iTunes iPhone info page

I’m not one to pay much attention to iTunes or anything in it, but a few days ago I sat around waiting for a sync to complete and, being mildy superstitious about computers working faster if I click around randomly with my mouse, i started clicking. Suddenly the information changed. I noticed when I pressed either Software Version:, Serial Number: or Phone Number: changed.

Software Version: turned into Build Version:, Serial Number: turned into Identifier (UDID):, and Phone Number: turned into IMEI:.

Portforwarding with VirtualBox with NAT networking

VirtualBox with NAT networking works by sending data from your virtual machine to the VirtualBox NAT engine witch in turn sends data to the internet through the hosts network connection. Your virtual machine will get an ip witch won’t be on the same subnet as your host machine, so you can’t reach it without setting up port forwarding.

For example, to set up SSH with a linux guest OS, we need to open Cmd and navigate to the VirtualBox directory. Here we need to run this command. Replace VM name with the name of your virtual machine.
VBoxManage modifyvm "VM name" --natpf1 "guestssh,tcp,,2222,,22"
VBoxManage is the executable file running the command, modifyvm is a parameter passed to VBoxManage to tell it what to do. –natpf1 explains witch network interface on the guest machine we will be connecting on, guestssh is just the name of the rule.

This would probably look something like this:

After you’ve run this command, you can effectively connect to localhost on port 22 with an ssh client.

The same procedure would be used to e.g. set up a webserver. You would probably use port 80 for this, and it should look something like:
VBoxManage modifyvm "VM name" --natpf1 "guestweb,tcp,,80,,80"

The dangerous town of CityVille

CityVille by Zynga is a Facebook game that’s social, time-consuming and dangerously addictive… The game’s main objective is to build a city. To build your city you use Coins, witch you earn from Businesses, and Energy. You gain 1 Energy every 5 minutes. For your businesses to earn you Coins you have to supply them with Goods. To get Goods you either have to farm Crops or send Boats around the world. The longer the trip, the more Goods you get. Now, businesses wouldn’t run without people. Your population need houses. To build houses, you use Energy and Coins.

To be able to build houses your city needs to have Community Buildings. These buildings raises your maximum population. These Community Buildings usually need you to acquire a lot of special items or hire a group of your Neighbors (Facebook friends) as crews for the buildings.

CityVille by ZyngaYour Energy is also used to collect Rent from your houses, and revenue from your businesses. You can also collect from your Community Buildings. Every time you collect, you also gain XP (experience), and sometimes Energy.

Another aspect of the game are Goals. Goals are like quest you have to accomplish to earn a reward and get a new goal. Goals often consist of building a building or collecting something. Once you complete a goal, you get a new one.

To get anywhere in this game, you have to have Neighbors. Your neighbors will show as a bar with Facebook profile-pictures on the bottom of your screen. You can click their picture to send them a gift or visit them. When you visit them you gain a little bit of coin, some XP and 1 energy. Visiting neighbors will get you a lot more energy to work with, and gifts help you get buildings completed. To be able to expand your city, you need an item called a Zoning Permit witch will be gifted by neighbors.

Now, when you gain some level in this game, your energy-pool (witch stops at 30 if you log out to wait for more) will hold you back. When you’ve built a lot of businesses who need a lot of Goods, you’ll spend all your energy harvesting boats and crops, and you won’t have any more to build anything or collect your buildings. This is when Zynga wants you to pay for this. For real money, you can buy coins or cash, that you can use to buy more energy or items.

Well, they won’t get me!