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ZNC irc bouncer and the Raspberry Pi

Just a little note to self about installing znc on the rpi: Compile 1.4 from source, don’t use the one from the repositories. The version in the repositories is…

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Google Authenticator Ubuntu ssh

This guide will enable Google Authenticator verification when logging in to ssh from a remote location. First install libpam-google-authenticator

Answer the questions posed during installation. Save the emergency…

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Dumping tcp data from command line to Wireshark

To dump network traffic from command line in a Wireshark readable format use the following command:

Source: https://ask.wireshark.org/questions/19054/tcpdump-text-output-to-pcap  

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Script for setting volume on Raspberry Pi – command line

Found this neat script for setting the volume of the Raspberry Pi from the command line over at http://www.dronkert.net/rpi/vol.html

Add the following to the file

Save with…

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ZNC irc bouncer with Adium (Mac OS X)

I’ve been using ZNC on one of my VPS’s for quite some time, connecting from XChat on Ubuntu GNOME desktop. I also have a Mac, so decided to also…

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